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first sentence from first entry of the month

january - how is everyone?

february - i'm just kind of hoping that everyone that smokes weed would just shut up about it because it seems to me like you simply think it's "cool" and feel the need to brag about it...

march - only updating due to lack of anything else to do.

april - lately i have found it easier to talk through lyrics

may - i worked last night until about eleven. didn't go exactly how i wanted it to, but oh well..

june - everyone expects it to be nice and warm outside because it is june, face it, its not, put some clothes on and close your windows.

july - worked eleven to seven, now just wanting to sleep. but kiera and i are going out!


september - i'm sleeping over kevs tonight! =) good times

october - everything that jen told me to focus on, everything i had to look forward to, has found a way to be ruined.

november - the pus in my throat decided that it doesn't like penicillion and it has subsided a little bit.

december - i am so tired.
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