Miss Kristen (qtkris1086) wrote,
Miss Kristen

because i know you want to know...

one week.....

everything that jen told me to focus on, everything i had to look forward to, has found a way to be ruined. why have i been sad? i wish i could just understand my moods and have some sort of control over them.
i woke up at eight this morning to be at sylvan for nine. doug, meghan, scott, and steve were there too. i thought it was weird that all taunton high kids were taking that class. meghan made it hard to concentrate because we have so many funny childhood memories. we talked and made fun of how we used to be. haha we were in a club called 'the minnows' with chelsea litos and we would all tie our hair together!
i ended up getting an 1120 on my sat

......time for work
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